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Rad artists for rad couples, your non-traditional wedding filmmakers, and photographers.

It's all about clicking with the people, not with the camera.

We are a small team of passionate storytellers focused on bringing to life the good moments and beautiful feelings through our lenses. We think that is very true when they say that no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. So we took that as a message, and it translates to what we do. A work that is full of energy and all the feels, an emotional journey. We craft every project with the dedication and love it deserves, our team cares about what these films and photos will represent in the future for our couples so we don’t take things for granted.

We started this with a simple approach. We’re handcrafted storytellers. We’re intentional about getting to know our clients genuinely so that we can tell their stories better. We’re most interested in exposing the light of the real, deep moments and emotions our clients experience in the moments that they’ve invited us in. Along with capturing narrative as their story unfolds, while creating art along the way.

It’s an experience, not just a service. That’s why we think it’s all about clicking with the people, not just with the camera.




Where we call home -29.7604°N,95.3698°W- Houston, TX. USA


  • Loves being around positive people and dogs, mostly dogs if possible. Long bike rides around the city and parks are his jam and a good breakfast or a sunset walk with his wife and dog.
  • He loves listening to music all day long, and even tho his job is to listen to music all the time, music will fill every space in their house even when he doesn’t need to.
  • Good stories and creating real human connections with the couples they work with.
  • Capturing those unscripted moments on your wedding day that make it unique and real to you.
  • A dream destination: Indonesia
    A film he can watch many times: Interstellar
    A song that will always cherish: The Shape of my Heart - Sting


  • Loves a good book, and being around animals, chocolates, or/and ice creams.
  • Naps and sunbathing, not all at the same time.
  • Teaching little humans about life and love, doing yoga and aerial silks.
  • Long talks about random life facts and deep philosophical conversations.
  • A dream destination: Egipt
    A film he can watch many times: Amores Perros
    A song that will always cherish: Dancing Queen - Abba


  • Loves long naps, short walks, and fast sprints.
  • Obsessed with balls and squirrels.
  • Wants to have thumbs, and also chicken in every meal.
  • Loves sunbathing and taking long naps again.
  • Traveling in 2022

    New York, NY

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

    San Francisco, CA

    Austin, TX

    Cabo San Lucas, MX

    Dallas, TX

    Featured Films

    Grace & Mac

    Christina & Michael

    The Parkers

    The Clavettes

    It's all about clicking with the people, not with the camera



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