Perla & Jake | Mountain Dreamers, Elopement wedding in Colchuck Lake, WA

    Colchuck Lake Washington

On October 10th, a group of wonderful people and I got into one of our biggest adventures so far: hiking for more than 9 miles RT. We crossed very complicated terrains between rocks, boulders, rivers, mud, trees, etc. It was hard to breathe, we were more than 2 thousand feet altitude with rain, and temperatures below  40°F (4°C). Can you imagine those conditions, plus heavyweight in our backs? I was carrying my photography equipment. However, everything was worth it. We had breathtaking views everywhere… and reaching the final location was something that I can’t describe with words… it’s something beyond my imagination.. a secret of nature, definitely a hidden gem!

This was at a state park near the town of Leavenworth in Washington State.

This is a little story of that trip…